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What lies beneath the Surface

Dear Friends,

Although my last entry was about Powermat, today I would like to focus more about what brought me into my current line of business; the cohesive thread that runs through all of the work I do, and the vision that propels me to look beyond the surface of things and see the potential for innovation.

First, I believe that the value of any technology is only found in the potential it offers to better our lives. Innovating for the sake of pure innovation is pointless. At the heart of every technology I have ever brought to market is the core belief that it will help to either solve a problem or make life easier for the general consumer.

Whether it’s an electronic tile that changes the ‘look and feel’ of a room with the touch of a button, or a countertop that can directly power your appliances without the need to “plug in,” or even a bed sheet that can “read” your body and map out pressure points to aid in the prevention of bedsores, for me it has always been about surfaces: looking at them, seeing into them and dreaming beyond them.

When we first thought about the idea for Powermat; the effective transfer of wireless energy for powering/charging electronics, it was the notion of transforming ordinary countertops, tabletops, ceilings, walls and other everyday surfaces into “energy hubs” that sparked my interest. In fact, the countertops in my own home are wirelessly-enabled, serving as the prototype for the kitchen of the future that will one day, hopefully, grace your home.

Progress is not always about “inventing the wheel”, more often than not, it’s about seeing past the status quo, taking what already exists and making it better. It’s about improving our day-to-day lives by using what’s already there as a stepping stone. Ancient Egyptians used to believe that the Sphinx already existed within the rock, and was simply waiting to be uncovered. The same is true for so many advancements that can help to make our lives better, richer and more fulfilling. All it takes is a discerning eye to see beyond the surface.

As the people behind the technologies, it’s our job to see past what already exists and think of how it can be transformed to benefit the consumer, be it the person charging his mobile phone, the hospital treating the disabled and non-ambulatory patient, or the architect of a more calming and serene home environment.

In the future, I’ll continue to share with you more about my business philosophy, my different projects, other technologies that interest me and things that simply spark my interest.

I invite you to share your comments and ideas as well.

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