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“The Last 50 Years were about Electronics. The Next 50 are About How to Power Them”

Dear Friends,

Eight years ago when I founded Powermat, I had a very specific, albeit ambitious goal in mind; to help create a world where people never again need worry about running out of power.  At the time I didn’t exactly know the path that this goal would take but I did know that the need was real.  The growing power needs of consumer’s in a world increasingly reliant on battery-draining smartphones was borne out through my own first-hand experience as well as numerous second hand testimonials from family and friends. Our first foray as a company into the world of wireless power took the form of several consumer products lines that would wirelessly transfer electricity in a safe, effective and cost-conscious manner. The audience we marketed toward was broad; the entire growing smartphone market.

The initial response was overwhelming. We sold out in record time in every retail outlet that carried our products.

It was then that we started to realize that although powering smartphones was a good start, it didn’t come close to addressing the real need on any large scale practical level. The overall process of power delivery and consumption needed a real fundamental upgrade.

We altered our business strategy and leveraged our unique ability to design and develop a complete wireless charging ecosystem: hardware, software, services, partnerships and standards – to create an all inclusive platform for wireless power.   Our partners would use our platform to offer vertical solutions to consumers, and in the process transform the way we all experience power delivery and consumption forever.

We partnered with market leading companies in their respective venues to bring wireless power to life. With Duracell (and its parent, P&G) we created the ‘Duracell Powermat’ brand; a business dedicated to bringing world class wireless charging products to consumers worldwide.  With General Motors we worked to install the same technology in vehicles. With AT&T and hundreds of leading mobile OEMs, we embedded wireless charging into handsets, and with dozens of leading airports, coffee shops and other iconic venues like Starbucks, we started our market-by-market rollout of wireless charging in locations across the US. The idea was always to offer consumers seamless access to power throughout their day; in places that they regularly traffic and frequent most often.  That effort is ongoing and our next market, New York, is planned for early Fall.

To say that we have come a long way from where we started is an understatement and yet, we still have so much to offer.

If we are to achieve our goals and make a real difference in people’s lives we can settle for nothing less than a complete transformation of the entire landscape from the way that we transmit power to way that we receive it and interact with it.  It is not enough to settle for wireless power that charges our smartphones or laptops in public places. The power delivery and consumption paradigm has not changed since electricity was first commercialized almost 100 years ago.

The Powermat Wireless World is the next phase in the evolution of the history of the story of power.

The Wireless World is the environment of tomorrow. It is a platform that brings the Powermat concept to life by enabling the entire home and office environment driven by Powermat-embedded walls, floors, countertops and desktops that transmit wireless power.

In the wireless world, we no longer plug a cord into a socket to receive power but instead interact with power sources that are seamlessly and elegantly interwoven into our daily lives.  Likewise we have no need to search out a power source; power is seamlessly integrated into the daily routine and activities. Our everyday devices – from coffee makers to blenders to TVs, refrigerators, electric toothbrushes and anything else that would ordinarily be plugged into a wall socket will now be powered through the environment.

The Wireless World presents an opportunity for manufacturers and retailers from a vast array of industries ranging from construction to communications, home appliances and housewares, to work together to design, build and sell an innovative and exciting line of Powermat-embedded goods that work in tandem with Powermat-enabled surfaces. The result is the creation of entirely new consumer experiences, usage patterns and lifestyle habits.

For instance, charge your cell phone or laptop simply by placing it on the desk or night table in your bedroom. Run a flat screen television, a digital clock, and an internally-lit picture frame directly through your living room wall. Your toaster, blender, and coffee maker too, are powered directly from the granite or marble countertop on which they sit. Need to recharge the batteries in your children’s toys? Simply toss them into the Powermat-enabled toy chest in your child’s playroom at the end of the day and they’ll be completely recharged by morning.  Your bathroom is also wirelessly enabled and since Powermat is embedded in the framework of the house, operating by means of magnetic induction – and not electrical current – it’s completely safe.

With the The Wireless World, Powermat’s relevancy will expand into the mainstream walk of life into additional home- and office-related use cases and connected applications.

Powermat technology is also environmentally friendly, safe, and efficient. It cuts energy costs by optimizing the transfer of wireless power from the surface to the device. By profiling the battery and power usage level needed for individual devices and delivering only the specific level needed for operation, Powermat provides energy savings of up to 33% when compared with a standard socket and cord model. Powermat also minimizes and completely eliminates the transfer of energy when a device is either in idle mode or entirely detached from the Powermat to prevent waste and it eliminates the need for multiple sockets and extension cords and the possibility of electrical overload.

The Wireless World is the culmination of years of thought, planning and investment. It represents our future and the next step for the wireless power industry as a whole. In fact, anyone who’s ever visited my home in Israel knows that my house has been wirelessly enabled for years. I invite you all to get on board the wireless revolution.

Welcome to the future!

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