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The Future is Bright…and Wireless!

Dear Friends,

Hello and welcome back my friends! After a too-long hiatus in which I have neglected you all, I am back and ready to blog! For starters, It’s nice to see you all again.

Before jumping into the business side of things…which is going swimmingly (thank you for asking)…I’d like to share my thoughts on an event that we recently hosted in partnership with the Department of Industrial Design in the Holon Institute of Technology right here in Israel. Rarely am I so inspired and at the same time humbled by a project we have set in motion with an outside source.

The innovation project which was open to students of industrial design at HIT was entitled, ‘A World without Wires.’ The goal of the project was to create a ‘think lab’ where the students would provide their takes on wireless energy delivery…now and in the future. Utilizing Powermat technology, the students were challenged to showcase products and designs that either addressed current wireless energy issues or future products that will be invaluable as a ‘World without Wires’ comes to fruition. Two professors from the Holon Institute, alongside a professional team from within Powermat, including experts in Technology, OEM, marketing, design & manufacturing led the charge (pun intended). The project ran over the course of four months, and came to an end just last week; the students presented their projects and ideas they came up with and the outcome was beyond sensational.

Without giving away the entire store (the ideas were SO good that we will work to implement several of them as part of our manifesto to take over the world!) I can tell you they ranged from a wireless generator that helps you stay powered as you ride your bicycle around town (very eco-friendly) to a very innovative design for staying powered up while you enjoy your McDonald’s Happy Meal and even a way to wirelessly light your cigar! In short: BRILLIANT.

Why did we do this?

These students and their designs represent not only the future of wireless technology but the future itself. We need their buy-in to secure the vision of a wireless world. At no other time in our collective history has technology moved and changed things at such breakneck speed in so many areas of our lives. I often say that if the designers of the original ‘plug and outlet’ model of electricity delivery were to suddenly stop in for coffee in current day America, they wouldn’t recognize a single thing as familiar except for their original design. By approaching the students, who are our ambassadors to the future we achieved two amazing results at once: Powermat has expanded its future products portfolio with products that consumers actually want and we have sparked the imagination of the students who will one day make a real difference in spreading the wireless dream. Win-Win.

It was also very rewarding to see the students come up with their own ideas for products development, market research insights and problem solving including rethinking the design and functionality of day to day products so that they deliver the best possible service, and then incorporate all of their findings into a real working model (in this case a prototype.)

With current technology such as 3D printers, and the help of Powermat’s tech team, the students delivered innovative designs product at low costs without compromising their ideas and concepts. We were able to provide the students with a level of practical experience that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. In return, they gave us the future.

I’m happy to report that the future looks both bright and wireless!

Back soon…promise.

Warm regards,

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