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Dear Friends,

It’s been a little while since my last entry but I have a good excuse (is there any such thing?!) I have been planning with my news friends from Procter & Gamble, owners of the Duracell brand (makers of the first truly wireless power supply, the alkaline battery) and getting ready for the announcement that we made yesterday:

It is with great pride, and hope for the future that we announced the union of the renowned global consumer products titan, P&G, with the industry pioneering wireless technology leader, Powermat! Friends, I’m telling you…such a match you haven’t seen since Adam and Eve made apple sauce in the Garden of Eden!

Why did we do it? What sense can be made of this unlikely coming together of the two foremost leaders and former adversaries in the field of wireless charging? That’s the burning question, right? What would a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation with a reach of 4.4 billion consumers on any given day want with a little start-up situated across from an Elvis-themed diner in obscure Neve Ilan, Israel? And why would the company who pioneered and created a category that it now unquestionably leads (and which analysts predict will be worth a whopping $23.7 Billion by 2015) want to share its toys with the neighborhood Goliath?

The answer is more simple than you probably think. This collaboration will leverage P&G’s core strengths in consumer brand-building and unmatched global reach with Powermat’s proven technological prowess and capacity to build a wireless ecosystem. What that means, in simpler terms, is that you’ll soon have wireless power in those places where you most need it including your car, airports, hotels, coffee shops, offices, and right in your very own home.

In fact, here for the whole world to see is my prediction: In 5-10 years wireless charging will be as ubiquitous as wifi. Not only will you find wireless charging capability in a hotel room, for instance, but you will expect to find it there and in many other places.

This is the dawn of a new era for Powermat and, indeed, for the wireless charging industry overall. I truly believe that we are making history with innovation that is no less of a game changer than the electric lightbulb was in its day.

Check back with me in a couple of years to see if I make good on that prediction.

Warm Regards,

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