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Nanox Celebrates The International Day of Radiology

November 8 marks the International Day of Radiology (IDoR). All over the world, radiologists, radiographers, technicians, imaging departments, and others will celebrate IDoR - and for a good reason.  

One hundred twenty-six years ago, on November 8, 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen stumbled onto a phenomenon caused by X-rays while exploring Crookes tubes and decided to investigate further. On December 22, the famous Hand with a Ring X-Ray was taken of Röntgen's wife's hand, and the rest is history. Medical imaging has become an integral part of medical care, used to help diagnose and treat a multitude of ailments.

For us at Nanox, November 8 is a uniquely special day. Not many people know this, but for over 100 years the technology for generating X-rays has not changed. In any X-Ray machine, the rays are still produced by thermionic emission technology that requires massive heating to develop the X-rays.

Nanox developed the Cold Cathode X-ray tubes that are much smaller, and as per their name emit X-Rays at room temperature, which leads to considerable energy and cost savings.

We started creating an alternative technology for generating X-Rays because we understand the impact radiology brings to healthcare. And with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic two years ago, our mission has become more critical.

Radiology is a leading tool in diagnosing and monitoring Coronavirus - ever since Chinese doctors first noticed the telltale signs of ground-glass opacity in the lungs of infected people. As a result, there is a surge in demand for screening machines and for radiologists.

But even before Coronavirus, most of the people in the world did not have access to medical screening because they couldn't afford it or are too far away from a machine and a doctor. Nanox aims to change this.

We plan to advance the revolution begun by Wilhelm Röntgen's 126 years ago, bringing medical scans to everyone who needs them by introducing inexpensive portable scanning machines, a worldwide imaging cloud platform, and AI-based diagnostic tools.

We also celebrate IDoR to improve public understanding of the contribution of radiologists to patient care and their crucial role in the healthcare ecosystem, especially in the past two years.

Join us in our journey.

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