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Welcome to the first installment of my “official” blog!  I’m Ran Poliakine, CEO of Powermat, and this is my sounding board.  From here on in, this venue will be dedicated to answering your questions, letting you know what’s on my mind and, most importantly, realizing the potential of wireless energy to reinvent the world. Ambitious goal? Not really. Read on.

In just under the year and half since our company’s launch, we have sold in excess of 3 million wireless charging units.  Of course it’s gratifying to think that only a few short months ago (17 to be exact!) we launched our first generation of charging products and in doing so invented an entirely new category that analysts are projecting will grow to be a $16.2 billion industry by 2019, but what’s even closer to my heart is the REVOLUTION that we have started which will literally change the world.

Prediction: Within the next 5 to 10 years power cords will go the way of public pay phones, vinyl records and Walkmans – all technologies that have been replaced by better, more user-friendly versions of themselves.  In fact, you will come to EXPECT wireless power delivery in public places including hotel lobbies, airports and even in your car. How do I know this will be the case? Because Powermat is already making it happen. Let me explain further.

Remember back in the day when you wanted to get WiFi on your laptop, you had to buy an external adapter that plugged into your USB?  Well, think about it…today you can’t buy a laptop that doesn’t come WiFi-enabled and fewer even are the places that don’t have WiFi connectivity.  Such is the trajectory of a “disruptive” technology; a rare breed that when it rears its head is instantaneously recognized by everyone as a complete game changer.  That’s Powermat.

Don’t just take my word for it. Ask General Motors (GM), one of the most iconic automobile makers in the world, who have just signed on to embed Powermat technology into its newest line of automobiles. Or ask Teknion, one of the largest global manufacturers of office furniture, which has just released a line of Powermat-enabled office designs that double as wireless energy hubs allowing users to simply drop and charge their devices directly on office desktops and other surfaces.  

So too for Arconas, a leading manufacturer of airport seating that will bring Powermat technology to airports around the world and Haier, the world-wide manufacturer of home appliances currently designing Powermat-enabled blenders, mixers, coffee makers and other such fare, destined for your home (in fact, my own kitchen is entirely Powermat-enabled delivering wireless energy directly through the countertops to Powermat-enabled appliances.

Not only does Powermat free my wife and my children from the hassles and potential dangers of power cords, it makes cleaning our appliances a breeze.  Since Powermat’s inductive technology delivers energy as opposed to electricity our appliances can go safely and directly from the kitchen counter into the dishwasher. Imagine that…WASHABLE ELECTRONICS! )

What will we come up with next!? Read my next blog entry to find out.

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