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Helping Those Affected by the Nepal Earthquake

Dear Friends,

As I’m sure you already know, a deadly earthquake struck central Nepal earlier this week. The impact of the quake is far reaching and devastating – current reports indicate that there are thousands of victims with many more injured throughout Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Tibet. This is a true tragedy and the rescue and relief effort has only begun. As with any major natural disaster, the need for aid is extensive.

Now is the time to act – the earthquake victims are in need of food, water, clothing, and medicine. I ask you to please also join me in donating directly to established charities who are actively working to help:

On our end, we have already donated a number of QinFlow devices to the Israeli humanitarian delegation that is on the ground in Nepal helping with the relief efforts. QinFlow, is the only field operated, blood and IV fluid warming solution in the world that is capable of bringing fluids from any input quickly up to the body’s normal temperature of 37°C (98.6°F). We hope and believe that QinFlow will have an impact in the aid effort – it’s very portable, which means those assisting in the relief efforts will be able to immediately begin helping those in afflicted areas.

We’d love to deliver an additional 10 units to Nepal to aid organizations and in order to sponsor this initiative we are seeking to raise up to USD 40,000. We will accept donations from USD 500. Should you be interested in supporting this effort, please write ( or call (+972 54 338 4880).

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