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Democratizing Women’s Healthcare

This week on I am participating in International Family Medicine (IFM) Conference in Dubai, which I am very excited about for many different reasons.

IFM is the largest annual medical Conference in the Middle East and North African region. illumigyn, a company I helped establish, is participating, and its CEO and Chairman, Dr. Avi Ludomirski, will share his knowledge on the Evolution of Cervical Cancer screening and Diagnosis in one of the Conference’s main speeches*.

The participation is coming on the heels of an MOU illumigyn just signed to distribute its solution in Dubai, and we are starting international deployment o this month. But I am getting ahead of myself. So first, let me introduce Illumigyn.

What is illumigyn?

illumigyn is a company that developed a novel Gynescope™ and cloud system for cervical screening. It’s FDA and HIPAA approved. We are starting initial deployments this month.

The Gynescope includes unique imaging and video capabilities that enhance the accuracy of diagnosis and can be shared on the Cloud Platform so health care providers worldwide can offer evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment protocols.

With illumigyn, we want to create a new standard for women’s health. We want to help women in remote and underprivileged areas receive the best care for cancer and disease, including preventive screenings for cervical cancer.

Most people don’t know this, but today the lucky women who undergo preventive screenings for cervical cancer are entirely dependent on the subjective evaluation of their doctors because they are using equipment that usually doesn’t have enough lighting and magnifying capabilities or the ability to record and share the findings.

Do you want a second opinion? You will have to go to another doctor and undergo the exam all over again. Most women will skip it, even if they feel the diagnosis might be wrong.

Cervical Cancer – a Leading Killer of Women

Now, a few statistics:  According to the World Health Organization, in 2018, an estimated 570,000 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer worldwide, and about 311,000 of them died from the disease – a ratio of 61%.

When diagnosed on time, cervical cancer is one of the most successfully treatable forms of cancer, so the startling level of mortality means that most women are diagnosed too late, and not surprisingly, most of them come from developing countries.

90% of fatalities are women in developing countries, where cervical is the most common form of cancer in women. More women are dying today of cervical cancer than in childbirth.

That’s why the WHO started the initiative to eliminate cervical cancer within a generation, and illumigyn has fully signed up.  

Part of Our Mission to Democratize Healthcare

We want women everywhere in the world to have access to prevention, screening, and treatment of cervical cancer. Do you think you’ve heard something similar before? It’s because you have.

The mission driving illumigyn is the same one that propelled us to establish Nanox: democratize medicine and bring preventive healthcare to everyone in the world.

IFM Dubai will bring together doctors and health professionals from the 32 countries included in the MENA region, many third-world countries. Those professionals will be able to see illumigyn’s Gynescope system that enables them to increase diagnosis accuracy, show and discuss the findings with the patient on the spot, and then share results with other doctors worldwide.

Female health professionals can examine women if they so wish. Gynecologists can see the findings as many times as needed to achieve a correct diagnosis and treatment.

Stay tuned for our deployment news this month.

* Dr. Avi Ludomirski, CEO and Chairman of illumigyn, will give his speech, The evolution of Cervical Cancer screening and diagnosis, on the main stage of IFM Dubai, the 12th of October at 9:00 (UAE Time), at the Dubai World Trade Centers.

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